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The first "knowledge and supply processes" certifying office for Procurement professionals in all Americas countries


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Professionals who work in Purchasing, Contracting and Procurement functions, in private companies and the public sector and in all segments of the economy of all North and Latin American countries.

What for 

Highlight and create awareness of the importance of PROFESSIONALIZING Purchasing and Supply Management practitioners,and achieve their international Purchasing and Procurement certification.

Professional Certification

We certify the level of knowledge regarding the MIDAS© Standard of those who work in the Purchasing & Procurement areas of companies troughout any country in Latin America.

The International CPCA® Professional Certification in Purchasing and Procurement is valid for four (4) years.

International Procurement Standard

The MIDAS© Standard - Model for Integral Development - is a compendium of best practices and standards availables in a professional procurement process, developed by the Asociacion de Profesionales en Compras (ACOPC).

APRACO supports this standard and execute the certification Program of people's knowledge for ACOPC.

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